Re: 360 Balloon Launch

David Stillman KI6YMZ

Phew, editing 360 video sure does take time!

I ran the video files through the GoPro software to stabilize it using the IMU data, and that took about 60 hours and resulted in a single file that is half a terabyte. I cut it down a bit and put it on YouTube, they have a nice 360 player and support most VR systems. I'd not recommend watching the burst and landing in a headset if you get seasick!

I tagged the launch, burst, and landing in the description if you're just after the juicy bits, and edited in a bit of time in between to get a sense at various altitudes on the way up and down.

I can upload the full flight if there is any interest.

Thanks EOSS for a great launch and recovery! We were fortunate to be a quarter mile from the landing location and watch the payload land. If you look close you can see our line of cars on the road nearest the landing location.


David Stillman

On Sun, Aug 19, 2018, at 16:36, dampguy wrote:
I flew one 3 years ago. A picture is posted here somewhere :D

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