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Christopher Rose

I use professionally for property surveys. It tells me (usually) how many buildings may be on a property and approximate sizes of them. The site recently made login and measurement tools changes. More steps involved now. Didn't know the map source had changed.




From: "Joe WB9SBD"
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Subject: [GPSL] Google Maps Issue.

I remember there might be an Issue with tracking systems not being able to use Google Maps in the Future. Well at least for free.

I just ran into a possible alternative. I use a site that used to use Google Maps, it is a real estate site, that you can find lot sizes by drawing boundaries on the map etc.

I just came from there to check on our Field Day site and found this message..

Find Size of a Home Lot or Plat of Land

July 13, 2018 - has changed our mapping services to use Apple maps. With Apple, as the maps provider, we can offer our measurement services for free. Please note that street view is not available.

If you prefer to use Google Maps then we offer a paid service at

The Maps are dated, Because, in the close up image below is from a good 6 years or so ago. Had a bad roof on my house and had a blue tarp on it back then,  But other than dated the level of quality is not too bad.


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