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Zack Clobes W0ZC

If you're interested in programming or custom development, I have the ArduinoTrack available.  It's an Arduino "Shield" that provides GPS, temperature, and pressure sensors, along with a transmitter module for 144.39MHz.  It's all programmed through a simple USB cable and a piece of software.

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On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 11:31 AM Jason Unwin via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Our Civil Air Patrol unit in Oklahoma is trying to organize a high altitude balloon launch for its cadets. We are trying to accomplish the following goals for the equipment:


1. APRS position reporting with a back up.

2. Radio beacon with back up if the APRS fails.

3. Simple to operate and turn on so that there is not a lot of training involved to operate it.

4. Ideally, as low cost as possible so we can afford the helium. Hydrogen is out of the question.


Here are some possible equipment options we were thinking of using:


Sansonic APRS Tracker


MicroTrak 1000


Micro Fox 15


Tracksoar Ready To Fly



We also have access to a Raspberry PI kit with the following:


Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that helps teach programming through a variety of practical projects. Included in the Civil Air Patrol STEM Kit:


    Raspberry Pi Core Kit

    Real Time clock breakout board kit

    Blue & White 16x2 LCD + Keypad kit

    GPS Breakout


    Sensor Pack

    Camera Board


Are there any other things we could use? I realize this is a little subjective but we are looking for simple, reliable, and ideally moderately priced equipment.








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