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GPSL 2016:

My intention was to be able to help a team in need in case they had a tree magnet payload or other issue to overcome. I had loaded my truck with everything but a canoe, and - well as luck would have it, we needed the canoe. :)

The main issue I faced from a support perspective was that feedback from the field was sketchy at best, and the teams that had trouble were in a dead zone for RF or other issues. It would have been nice to know who was in good shape and who was in trouble, and the only one I knew was really in trouble needed the canoe - which we used a day or two later without success... :)

After giving this some thought, I could have advertised my ability to help much better and asked for check ins periodically from those teams that might want assistance. To overcome the RF dead zone issues, perhaps setting up an 80 meter NVIS would help. 80 meters on an auto is already NVIS :) so I am thinking a "net control" person at HQ someplace with a real NVIS antenna could then better communicate to the field any needs. From a safety standpoint, I think this could be very beneficial.

I think the EOSS group utilize a "net control" type of communication. Perhaps they have input on their processes and experiences.


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better wording:

Could you please elaborate just a little on your experience in 2016?

What specifically were the main things that didn't work and why?   This will inform future hosts and organizers about what to expect and improved methods and strategies to try.

Michael <mw@...> wrote:

I tried to improve this at GPSL 2016 by being "the one person". It did not work out so well.

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