Thomas Londrigan

EOSS recovered our payloads at N 44 05.72 W 115 30.21, altitude approximately 5800ft.  Hands on the payload was at 1910 hours.  Once we realized we had a slow ascent rate,we drove up highway 21 to Idaho City.  We were able to receive transmissions after the beacons were on the ground from highway 21 east of Lowman.

It was approximately 0.8 miles from hwy 21 and 1.3 miles from lick creek road, and 1800 ft above the highway. We had downloaded the Boise National forest maps prior to leaving Boise.  A 3.5 mile hike up Kirkham trail and a climb up over a 300ft ridge were required to reach the payload.

The entire team had good comms on simplex.  While in Boise we had good comms on the 444.900 repeater, and a local ham provided info on the 145.310 repeater which provided coverage around lowman. 

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Seems to me, since many of you have amateur radio licenses, amateur radio would be a great way to stay in contact when those darn cell phones fail  :)
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