Re: EOSS YouTube Channel

Hank Riley

Sounds good.  Hope there's time to do at least a brief test tonight.

Quite a few signups at EOSS Youtube channel today so that shows the interest.

On Thursday, June 14, 2018, 9:57:29 PM EDT, Thomas Londrigan <lawndragon@...> wrote:

 I got the impression it generates a new link with each live stream session.  
I'll be back at the hotel to meet with other EOSS folks, around 9:30 MDT so I may try a live stream tonight. 

There is a web chat function with the live stream function, so that may be a good way to get feed back on the audio and framing.  

I've scheduled a place holder on the YouTube page. I'll try to get to the venue early to see about setup. I picked up a new webcam so hopefully good audio if we can't stream directly from the mike. 

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