Re: EOSS YouTube Channel

Hank Riley

This is the link to the EOSS channel with a button to subscribe:

Each individual EOSS video will also have an identical subscribe button, so once you get to anything originated by EOSS on youtube you can subscribe right then and there.

Note that a talk from Tom L. presenting at GPSL 2016 has EOSS in its title but that is on Mark Connor's youtube channel.  That's a great channel but not the one that will be streaming Friday from GPSL 2018.

Once you've properly subscribed the subscribe button (in all locations) changes color from bright RED to GRAY so it's readily apparent that you're registered with the EOSS channel.  My understanding is that a notice goes out through email to you (as a subscriber) whenever a streaming event occurs or is about to be scheduled to occur.  I'm sure it will also be posted automatically at the EOSS channel website.

It is further my understanding that a link for anyone to connect to the live stream can be posted for instance to this GPSL email list, BUT by far the best way IS TO SUBSCRIBE TO EOSS YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN ADVANCE of tomorrow.  For one simple reason: you will then be notified automatically about the streaming and how to connect without anyone in Idaho or elsewhere needing to post that special link.

My apologies if I have misunderstood anything important regarding this process.  It's all new to me.


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