Re: Looking for camera replacement (was Base 106)

Hank Riley

Thanks, Mark,  

These clones are all over the place in varying price and feature classes; haven't been following the evolution of these devices so was unaware of the great variety available.  I took a look at Walmart and there are dozens listed.

For the money it's quite remarkable what quality can be attained as shown in your video.

On the subject of units with wired-in batteries, I thinks it's fair to say that you're renting a camera, not buying it.  This is why point and shoot still cameras that take AA cells are desirable (for ordinary use). 
It's also true too that some of these cheap ones may expire for other causes before their batteries do.

Howard's camera didn't look at all suited for gouging into to bypass the batteries.

A sample video is here: xEwTDa5o_8E 

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