BASE 106 completed



Flew BASE 106 for the Greencastle Middle School today.  Surface winds picked up to just over 30 km/hr (20 mph) with gusts to 40 km/hr during balloon fill, but we got the flight string airborne.  Somewhat early burst at 26 km (85,500 feet).  Landed in edge of a grove of trees with lowest box 6 meters (20 feet) above the ground.  Easy pull for the Wonder Pole with hook attachment.

One disappointment, my Contour ROAM 3 camera has reached the end of its life with no easy battery replacement.  I am open to small camera suggestions.  Flying for Thorpe Creek Elementary in Fishers, IN on 16 May.  Looking to find a new camera before that flight.  I like cameras that take video to microSD cards, but could be persuaded to try something else.  It would be nice to stay under 200 grams total weight.

Thanks, as always, for the support,
Howard, BASE_DePauw, KC9QBN

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