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AE5IB (Kip)

The purpose of the cloth cover on the ground was to prevent any sharp sticks, stones, or weeds from poking into the balloon before it got light enough to support itself.   We did not want holes or weak spots.

We used disposable gloves because we did not want oil from fingers to cause a weak spot and let the balloon pop earlier.

We also try to wear long sleeves and hoods because we think the danger is not the explosion, if it catches on fire,  but burning pieces of latex falling down on you. Art least that is our theory. No evidence to back it up.


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1. I tried clicking on the link and the page said I wasn't a member to see the article about the club that flew the hydrogen fueled balloon since the 80s.

2. From what I can gather in the conversation, the following safety measures should be taken when dealing with hydrogen:

     A. No smoking.
     B. No spark generating electrical equipment.
     C. Wear gloves. Non cloth to limit production of static electricity?
     D. Cloth cover on ground. That was a point made in the PARK launches.
     E. Don't let the balloon rub on clothing. Shouldn't do that anyway.
     G. Use the proper regulator.
     H. Be on the lookout for a clear flame.
     I. Slowly release the gas. Don't open it "wide open".

3. Did I miss anything?

4. I am sharing with others in our planning process.

5. Is there anyone in this group from Oklahoma willing to help?


Jason Unwin

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