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It is a 300 CuFt tank, I think they call it a C tank but not sure.  The price is $218 out the door.  I have a 5 year tank rental agreement so I don't know what tank rental charges are but probably not much per day.  That way I get to keep the unused helium.

I never had been refused a purchase of helium.  This discussion started when a fellow balloonist in Iowa, Mike, N0MPM, had a problem with Airgas and reported it to the group and I am glad he did.  Today, my local Airgas did confirm that there was a Force Majeure in effect for helium and that it is on allocation but for whatever reason (long term customer with multiple tank contracts **acetylene, oxygen, argon, argon-CO2 and helium**,  sob story about our school balloon launch program or my good looks!!??) they agreed to sell me a tank.

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Thanks for your very informative post about hydrogen.

For the record, could you say what bottle and what the cost was this time?

Why the change from no to yes at Airgas?


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Just a follow up.  Airgas will supply me with the helium we need for our launch
and at about 2/3 the cost from last year.

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