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AE5IB (Kip)

Two of them are U-Blox based from what I can see. You can get a utility for a free download to configure them for high altitude from U-Blox website. 

I think it is Aircraft 1. The default is probably Mobile which assumes you are on the ground and stops working at around 35k feet. 

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I have three GPS modules laying around that are doing nothing useful for me right now.  They're from failed experiments I've done for balloon payloads.  I think all three modules are functional, but I could not get them to do what I wanted to do and I've run out of patience fiddling with them, so I'm ready to give them to someone else who might have more time and inclination.

I got this in 2009, played with it a while, then put it away and recently rediscovered it in my junk pile.  From the list archives, it appears others have used this with success on balloon flights.  3.3V power and TTL interface..  Can log data autonomously.  If you search the GPSL list archives from September 2009 you'll see a discussion of this unit.

This is a uBlox NEO-6M module and interface board.  Designed for 3.3V TTL.  I attempted to make a 5V level shifter but still could not get anything intelligible from the unit.  I believe these are rated for 60+ kft, but worth checking datasheets.  Chip antenna on reverse.

Similar but with a 5V interface.  Similar issues.  Connector for external antenna, but there is a chip antenna on the reverse too.

I think if someone had an Arduino or other microcontroller, these units would be suitable.  I was hoping to make them work with a TinyTrak or OpenTracker with a minimum of fuss, but can't seem to get it done.  Someone with more patience, knowledge, and diagnostic equipment might have better luck.

The SparkFun module was originally $60, and the other two were $20-25.  I'll send one or all them to you free of charge, and if you're so inclined after your experiments you can send me what you think they're worth.  They're too good to throw out, and are serving no purpose in my container o' crap.

73 de Mark N9XTN

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