John Maca

We have been flying a DVB-T Digital camera/transmitter for our past couple of summer flights.  The unit is from HiRes ( and the latest model is a DC-105.  The unit only puts out a couple mW on 434 MHz, so a very linear amplifier is required to get sufficient power (~300-500 mW) for the downlink.  I'm not the ATV/DTV guru in the group, but I think the digital config is 16 QAM at 4 Mbps data rate, although they have been tuning the config to get the best quality video from a spinning payload.  

Another cool payload we flew last August was a DMR repeater (stripped down Motorola XPR8300) that performed beyond expectations.  It only had ~15mW output as the final PA was blown and a mini-circuits amp was hacked in-line to get the 15 mW out.  The guy that supplied that payload is already working to build a lighter version.  


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