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So ATV is still being flown. 

Does everyone feel they're flying ATV as much as it was in the past?

I've only flown ATV for one year followed by flying SSTV the next year. I gave them up after video cameras became cheap enough to launch. I've always liked their quality over ATV and SSTV.

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The local university still flies ATV on 434 MHz as well as payloads that I still fly on occasion. I use the VM-70X TV transmitter by PC Electronics along with their Little Wheel antenna.
I have also been flying SSTV via the SSTVcam by Argent Data hooked up to a 2m FM transmitter.
- Bill WB8ELK
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If it's on the ham band of 5.8 gigahertz than I would still call that ATV.

Am I right then, and understanding it that there's not much ATV going on these days?

On Dec 4, 2017 9:41 AM, "Jack Crabtree" <jscra@...> wrote:
We flew our first ATV package on November 18, 1990 from Denver. A video of the flight is available at: 
Now we use PiCams, Raspberry Pis, and 5.8 GHz Wifi Modems. Is this still considered ATV?
Jack Crabtree

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Does anyone fly amateur television anymore? What about digital? It seems to me that digital requires a PC and that's not practical on a balloon flight. Thanks

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