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No it is on the exclusive ham band segments on 5.8 GHz, AREDN software is used to put the modems on the ham.

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So tv off the amatuer band. I'm beginning to think ATV and SSTV isn't used any more. 

Perhaps the drop in high quality, light weight video recording equipment is a reason. Also, I'd like to think we're losing fewer payloads and can now wait to get the payload back to see the video. Or perhaps it's because we've grown use to seeing near space video and it's just less important.

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We flew our first ATV package on November 18, 1990 from Denver. A video of the flight is available at: 
Now we use PiCams, Raspberry Pis, and 5.8 GHz Wifi Modems. Is this still considered ATV?
Jack Crabtree

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Does anyone fly amateur television anymore? What about digital? It seems to me that digital requires a PC and that's not practical on a balloon flight. Thanks

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