Re: Tracker Questions

Hank Riley

So, we have been using PocketFinders for our secondary trackers. These
have worked well in the past to find our payloads once on the ground.

The PF has worked well but some of the rules in regards to the PF are changing.
We knew that day would come. 


Could you please elaborate just a little about why you're quitting the
PocketFinder system?

I see that 2G is going away, but there's a new device being offered that will still
work (the company claims) for years to come. 

$159 to buy on of those new ones.  Is it because the price has gone up from what the
2G-only device you have now cost?

I'm only guessing from your wording "some of the rules in regards to the PF are
changing" that there may be more to it than just the 2G to 3G transition.


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