Tracker Questions

Jim Reed

So, we have been using PocketFinders for our secondary trackers. These have worked well in the past to find our payloads once on the ground. When travelling with 20 kids it is not always possible to be right under the balloon as it comes back to Earth. The PF has worked well but some of the rules in regards to the PF are changing. We knew that day would come. 

So, we are now on the lookout for a new secondary tracker. We want something that uses cellular connectivity. An app to shows its location would be wonderful. If the app "called" us when on the ground that feature would be fantastic. A subscription service would be OK as long as we could turn it on and off when we wanted the service. 

Anybody want to offer some suggestions? We use the BRB as our primary and they work great. Most times we are able to have one tracking vehicle with a couple adults and then can drive as they see fit. This allows them to be closer to the actual balloon and payload as it makes it's way home.

Thanks folks for any ideas or suggestions you may have.



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