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Michael West W5MAW

Hi everyone,


Thanks Keith for your work over the years! I’m looking forward to making the ARHAB website even better.


Here’s my rough plan for the website, there’s no timeline for any of this at the moment:


1.       Set up new hosting with existing code and database - Done

2.       Verify user-facing functions, automated functions, and learn manual processes - Started

3.       Transfer domain, aka “go live”

4.       Improve site security and remove obsolete code/pages - Started

5.       Automate any remaining manual processes

6.       Open source code on GitHub


Once those are done, the site should be in a great position moving forward and I can start working on improvements to the site design and functionality. Some of the manual stuff like new records will probably be slow for me to work on as I get used to it, thanks in advance for your patience.


If anyone has any suggestions or feedback about how you would improve the site, please feel free to reach out: michael@...

I can’t promise anything right now, but I will definitely take it into consideration for the future! Also, please reach out if any site functionality stops working, I would greatly appreciate it.



Michael West W5MAW


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My fellow Aeronauts,


I am pleased to inform you that Michael West, W5MAW who many of you perhaps met at this years GPSL will be taking over the duties of webmaster for the web site.


I know Michael will do a good job and bring new ideas to the pages and the ARHAB community. It will take a few days to transition maybe longer but I’m sure when the move is complete Michael will let everyone know.


It has been my pleasure to be the webmaster for the past many years. But I feel its time to pass on the responsibilities to someone younger but filled with the same passion I had for the job. And I know Michael can do the job.




Keith, WA0̷TJT




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