Re: KD0MEQ-11 ........ found!

L. Paul Verhage KD4STH

Jim, what is the rough dimensions of your screamer? I plan to package it up and mail it while I visit my dad.

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My missing balloon has been found! The "secondary recovery team" aka a kind hearted Kansan, called my cell phone earlier in the week asking about the payload. He offered to box it up and mail it, but as chance would have it, Paul V. is passing through Kansas on Saturday afternoon.

I will recover my lunchbox with tracker and two GoPros, Paul will get back his parachute and experiments, and Jim will get his "screamer" back as well. Of all the valuable equipment on the flight, I felt worst about Jim losing his screamer. He told me that it was one of the very first things he built for ballooning.

The old red lunchbox has been flying since 2010, but its time for it to retire. I'll hang it in my computer shop as a conversation piece.

With any luck Paul and I will have some photos from the flight.

Right now the only position report from the farmer was 25 miles East of Hutch, on some very private land. We never would have spotted it from any road.

Thanks again to everyone who helped search!



Tom (no callsign and is therefore lame)

and our mentor Paul KD4STH

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