W5VSI Items at the Meeting, July 11, 2017

Marty Griffin

Hi Group!


Nick and I have been charged with cleaning out Mike’s EOSS shed.  Of interest are the following, most of which will be in my truck at the meeting or at Mama Roma’s  (:  Make an offer or simply surprise us.  We want this stuff out of our homes.


Lithium Ion battery cells, several hundred, all you can eat

440 ATV Downconverter, P.C. Electronics, Model TVC4G

Az-El setup with two rotators (Kenwood and CDR), all control cables, heavy tripod, all controllers.  Great for EME, satellite work.

KPC3 Plus Original Manuals (2)

2m 5-element beam (est.), interested?  Not in truck, pickup at shed

440 11-element beam (est.) interested?  Not in truck, pickup at shed

1296 circular polarized beam, interested?  Not in truck, pickup at shed

MFJ Screw Terminal Strip, banana plugs

PK-80 AEA Packet Controller

KPC-3 Plus Manual


Magellan GPS Meridian, 12 channel, in very old box.  Original price $449.95!  Wow!

Micronta Automotive Electronic Compass, Cat No 63-641


All the 1986 Raven balloons you can eat.  30 years old, still sealed.  Make offer.  GPSL friends, you can pick-up or pay shipping…  First come, first served.  Talk to Nick or Marty.


Raven N60-2.5L-0.54 54K!  HUGE!  Bigger than Dallas!


Raven 19K (opened box) (1)


Raven Model N60-3.5L-0.019 19K (2)


Raven Model CL-2.5-0.0072 7.2K Cylindrical (3)


Raven top inflated, DFD 5500, Type-A, 26 ft. Gore Length (6)


10K 0.6 mil (1)



Marty, WA0GEH, WA0GEH@...

Nick, N0LP, N0LP@...













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