GPSL Pico Balloon Race Status after three weeks

Bill Brown

It has been 3 weeks now since the start of the GPSL Great Pico Balloon Race. Only one balloon WB8MSJ-1 is still flying and it has just completed a coast to coast trip across the US when it flew across Atlantic City NJ this afternoon. All three balloons in the race have now completed a trans-Continental flight which is quite a feat for balloons launched from Kansas considering they didn't go around the World first. Some scary moments as the remaining balloon flew through a large group of thunderstorms overnight in Kentucky. It somehow survived but appears to have taken a beating since it was flying thousands of feet lower than expected at sunrise until it warmed up and the icing melted. Mike KD2EAT-13 has the title for longest distance traveled and Joe WB8MSJ-1 has so far won the category for longest duration. Next stop is Newfoundland and then onward to the Azore Islands if it survives the Atlantic storms. Bev WB4ELK-4 hit a thunderstorm three days ago over the Gulf of Mexico and appears to be lost at sea and Mike KD2EAT-13 was last heard several days ago over Siberia.

- Bill WB8ELK

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