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There is a ton of info on the web site. The Links tab is probably the easiest way to find all the info and Stuart (the webmaster) has been very helpful getting me started with LoRa technology. I’ve been using APRS for our balloon launches, but I like the 2-way transmission feature LoRa offers and plan to use LoRa for a back-up tracker as well as a way to control various things aboard a flight like cameras, a cut-down mechanism, etc. I can’t help much more than provide the above link as I only acquired a few LoRa modules last week and not yet had a chance to connect them to an Arduino, do some programming and try them out. (when I ordered the LoRa modules I probably should have also ordered some of the boards/kits sold on the loratracker web site to save time before being able to try them out, but I have a few other uses that I also plan to use the radio modules for which will require writing my own software and using different hardware.




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I’ve forwarded this to the best, most knowledgable group anywhere, they should be able to help you.







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Hi Keith,


I got your email-address from ARHAB page on AX.25 packet radio. I have no experience with amateur radio but I am planning a HAB mission with some students. I read some interesting bits about LoRa technology for telemetry, which has the advantage of being license-free in Germany. 


Can you tell me about issues/advantages, and how to learn the necessary skills?





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