WB8MSJ-1 pico balloon reappears SW of San Diego after doing battle with Hurricane Dora

Bill Brown

There are now officially still three balloons in the GPSL Pico Balloon Race on Day 13. My Dad's balloon WB8MSJ-1 just reappeared after being lost for a week over the Pacific south of Baja California. It fought a valiant battle with Hurricane Dora and looks like it survived the encounter nicely. It is flying at the same altitude as before and is about 300 miles SW of San Diego. Bev WB4ELK-4 is predicted currently to be just east of Bermuda (their only APRS iGate was blown down by a hurricane and has not been replaced) while Mike KD2EAT-13 is well into the lead speeding along across Turkmenistan. It is possible that KD2EAT-13 and WB8MSJ-1 might meet up over Hawaii in a few days after flying in opposite directions around the World :-)

- Bill WB8ELK

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