Pico balloon race still going on after 12 days

Bill Brown

Wow...what a day for Bev's balloon WB4ELK-4. After 11 days and a several thousand mile trip from Kansas to the Pacific Ocean and back, her balloon flew across northern Alabama this morning all the way to the Georgia border and then decided to do a 180 degree course change to come back home to Huntsville to visit me. I'm guessing that I somehow put a "return to home" feature in my code :-) Late afternoon the balloon flew directly over my work building (I had several coworkers out in the parking staring up at the sky for awhile). I did manage to see a flash of reflected sunlight from it after it was about 6 miles to the northwest. It also managed to fly within a few hundred feet of my Madison house a few minutes after it flew over my work. The odds of a foil party balloon launched from Kansas flying directly over my work and house seems quite astronomical to me. Perhaps Bev's balloon is on a holding pattern waiting for better trans-Atlantic winds to try to catch up to Mike KD2EAT-13's balloon which is slowly flying over the Mediterranean Sea south of Italy today. Joe WB8MSJ-1's balloon appears to have been captured by Hurricane Dora off the SW coast of Mexico.

- Bill WB8ELK

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