GPSL Pico Balloon Race update for Day 8

Bill Brown

At the end of Day 8 of the GPSL Pico balloon race, Mike KD2EAT-13 has nearly made it back to the launchsite after an 8-day journey to the West Coast and back. At sunset today his balloon was last heard about 50 miles SW of Hutchinson, KS. Bev WB4ELK-4 has decided to visit next year's site for GPSL and is currently just north of Boise, Idaho. Mike also flew near next year's GPSL site yesterday. Bev's balloon is predicted to fly over Hutchinson two days from now. Joe WB8MSJ-1 has decided to hang out over the Pacific south of Baja California for a few days and is out of range of any APRS receive stations.  - Bill WB8ELK

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