Re: GPSL 2018


Hi Paul!

I think you got into base 2 mode. Do you mean the 17th as a backup date

Very much looking forward to the event and visiting Idaho!

Yah, about the plan for Thursday... The number of wineries toured should be directly proportional to the availability of Aspirin and the strength of the coffee on Friday morning. :) :)


On 6/20/2017 5:36 PM, 'L. Paul Verhage' nearsys@... [GPSL] wrote:

I would like to hold GPSL 2018 from June 14th to 16th with 18th as a backup launch date. Will this work for most everyone?

I will reserve a block of hotel rooms in Nampa, ID (about 20 minutes from Boise). The wineries for Thursday's tours are located in Caldwell, which is next door to Nampa. I'll share what I find on the cost of a tour van, I figure it will be safer to wine tour that way.

Dinner on Thursday will be in the Basque block. Carpooling is recommended.

So that's a start.

One warning, due to the moutainous nature of Idaho, we often have to drive 30 minutes to an hour to reach a launch site.

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