High Altitude Ballooning (poor man space program)

Keith Kaiser, WA0̷TJT

GPSL Aeronauts,

Please look over Joe’s request below and push some information his way that might help him.

Quite a bit of what you are asking for is on the ARHAB.org web site but maybe a bit buried to be found easily. I also suggest you check out http://superlaunch.org for our annual conference, which starts in a few days.

You also might be interested in seeing this:  https://www.k2bsa.net/jamboree-balloon-tracking/



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From: "Joe St. Columbia, Jr." <jscolumbia@...>
Subject: High Altitude Ballooning (poor man space program)
Date: June 10, 2017 at 8:16:10 AM CDT

I am a member of the Helena Astronomy Society. We are a group of astronomy enthusiast that is active in our community with support of our local college, Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas.  From time to time we include amateur radio projects to study the cosmos. Our goal is to educate ourselves and others while  making contributions to the science of astronomy as amateur astronomers.   
Recently, I  found your website on Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning  that takes science projects to “near space”.  I  thought it would be a great project for our organization to share with our local Boy Scout Troops and students at PCCUA. However, I am unable to find a “Getting Started Guide”.  If available would you please share links or information I could use to present this project to our group? As you may guess I am looking for basic information to get started such as FAA guidelines, materials needed and costs etc.… .  
Thank You 

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