Inter-balloon crossband repeater with Dallas

Michael West W5MAW

Hi all,


On June 17 the Plano, TX amateur radio club (PARK) will be launching a balloon near Dallas with a crossband repeater (440 RX/140 TX). We’d like to try and use a 220 HT as a half-duplex remote base to link this with another balloon repeater at GPSL. Any transmissions heard on 440 by either balloon would be simultaneously broadcast on 140 and 220. The other balloon would listen on 220 and 440, and repeat transmission on 140. Talk in Texas, be heard in Kansas, and vice versa! 😊


We’re looking to collaborate with anyone at GPSL who has either space for an extra payload or plans to fly a crossband repeater. We can provide whatever hardware is needed, just let me know.


Andrew KE5GDB came up with the idea and will be helping with the PARK launch. Chris N5CMR and I, W5MAW, will be at GPSL and can bring up the hardware from Dallas. Chris and I didn’t plan to launch a balloon and it might be a little difficult to try to put one together in time for GPSL, so hopefully we can find someone to help.




Michael West



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