High Altitude Balloon Speaker in SF Area?

Keith Kaiser, WA0̷TJT

Guys? Any takers?

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From: Nathaniel Frissell <hamsci@...>
Subject: High Altitude Balloon Speaker in SF Area?
Date: May 2, 2017 at 8:03:38 PM CDT
To: Steve Kaeppler <steve.kaeppler@...>, Fleet <kj4zwa@...>, Keith Kaiser <kcscouter@...>
Cc: Martin <dcmk1mr2@...>

Hi, Steve, Fleet, and Keith. I received this e-mail asking if I knew someone who could talk about High Altitude Ham Radio balloons in the San Francisco area. All of you are either involved in balloons, or involved in science in the SF area. Do you have any suggestions for Martin?

Thanks and 73,
Nathaniel W2NAF

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From: Martin <dcmk1mr2@...>
Subject: No JT-65/9 & PSK-Reporter or WSPRnet?
Date: May 1, 2017 at 6:34:09 PM EDT

Hello hamSCI,

I have been learning how to participate as a ham for the eclipse and your materials are really helpful.  
I am puzzled why you are not using these modes.  They already have a large following and reverse beacon networks.

So far I have built the EclipseMob's LF antenna and receiver.  I look forward to the Android software for it.

I am new to radio astronomy so the ProjectJOVE is a little overwhelming but it looks worth the effort. 

My ham club - East Bay Amateur Radio Club is hosting a meeting to prepare for the eclipse May 26.  We may do a high altitude balloon flight .  Would you have anyone in the SF east bay that could present on the topic?

Keep up the good work & 73,

Martin Rothfield W6MRR

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