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Wrote too quickly about our beacon arrangement.  Delete all.  New email in work.




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Hi Zack,


For GPSL EOSS will be flying one balloon (EOSS-252) with two beacons.  The first is AE0SS-12 and it will be transmitting an APRS beacon on 144.34 MHz.  The second is KE0BMV-11 and it will be transmitting an APRS beacon on 149.95 MHz.  The beacon burst is preceded by a 25 second tone used for DF’ing.



Nick, NØLP


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I've started sketching out a list of balloon flights based on the information that I have.  If any of you can send me specifics for your flight, or if I've missed anyone, please contact me.




I'd like to know what transmitters are on board, the mode, frequency, and the callsign used including SSID.





Zack Clobes, W0ZC
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