Re: Does anyone need chase vehicle help at GPSL?

Michael West W5MAW

Hey Mike (and all),


KG5PVB and I will be attending for the first time, only planning to chase right now. From what I’ve heard, there isn’t as much coordination on who chases what? Is there chaser etiquette I’m missing?


See you there,



Michael West


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Hey Gang,

I'll be attending GPSL. I'm up in the air, so to speak, as to whether I
want to launch a balloon, or just help someone who needs foxhunting
assistance. I'll have my fully equipped 4wd chase vehicle along with
APRS, Laptop, aprsisce, etc. I'll have room for up to 3 passengers, if
anyone wants to ride along.

If someone wanted to launch, but was concerned about a chase vehicle, I
may be your guy. If i don't have any takers, I'll plan to launch a
simple payload of my own, just so we can fill the sky with balloons.
Regardless, I'm planning to launch another WSPR pico this year.

If interested in a chase assistance, please let me know in the next few
days, so I can register and request (or not) hydrogen.

Mike / KD2EAT

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