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Jim Reed

Here are the predictions from yesterday's flight and the actual flight path. 

Running predictions is one of the funniest parts. I like seeing the possibilities. 


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I like the multiple runs.  It would be nice to see the parameters for each run so you could get a feel for the causes of the long and short flights.
Jerry Gable
Balloon Flight Prediction tools

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This is much quicker than running several predictions with various input parameters. I think this form of modeling a landing zone can be called the Monte Carlo method.
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This one is interesting in that it will run numerous predictions with variations in the launch parameters and return a heat map showing the likely landing zone.  I did one for our NSTAR 17-A launch from Lincoln scheduled for next Saturday.

Around 50 simulations seems to be enough to generate a reasonable map.  I tried 50 and 150 for this flight and the heat map did not change very much.

73 de Mark N9XTN

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