Re: Kansas repeaters

Don Pfister <ka0jlf@...>

A quick repeater report: the only one that I could hit from the Herington Airport
was the Junction City 146.880 that was with less than 50W mobile, but I did have my
pre-amp on - but I'm not sure I needed it. I was able to hit it without the pre-amp
but I didn't have anyone to talk too. It seemed a bit spotty up and down the hills.

I was not able to bring up the 'Herington' repeater at all. I guess it doesn't
exist anymore. I tried with and without the tone. EIC do you know if the Herington
repeater is no more?

The Manhattan repeater had pretty good coverage from I-70 but dropped out before
Herington. I talked to Mike KD0FW for a long time on it, as I drove between Topeka
and Manhattan. He was at his home in Independence, MO. I think he has a better than
average antenna system. ;-)

That is about it.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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