APRS trackers IDs for all balloons.

AE5IB (Kip)

Can we generate a list before Saturday of all the APRS trackers that will be used.

I got a request from some hams that want to be able to monitor the flights using their APRS receivers or aprs.fi from home. (North of Dallas).

In Plano, Denton, and McKinney there are I-gates and Digis for anyone using 144.340. They will work when you are in the air, but will be too far away when you are near the ground. 

I remember someone using a different frequency than 144.34 or 144.39. Will they be i-gating from their vehicle? (Again for the observers from home.)

Do we have an accessible internet connection for a fixed I-gate near the launch site for the non-144.39 trackers?


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