Hi GPSL’ers,


The EOSS’ers will be traveling to GPSL both individually and in a group.  The group will leave Castle Rock, CO (25 mi. south of Denver on I-25) at 8 AM (MDT) tomorrow.  There will be six vehicles in our convoy and all will be beaconing ARPS on 144.39 MHz with a -6 SSID.  We’ll follow I-25 to Raton, NM and then head SE across TX on Rt. 287 with a stop for the night enroute.  We expect to arrive at the FAA facility in Fort Worth about 1:00 PM (CDT) Thursday.  Will be on the Fort Worth 146.94 (110.9 Hz) repeater as we get close.  Simplex is 446.200 MHz.


Looking forward to renewing old friendships and starting some new ones along with hearing some interesting presentations and, of course, looking forward to the flight on Saturday.





EOSS GPSL Coordinator



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