Re: A GPS for the Raspberry PI 3

AE5IB (Kip)

I am using a USB GPS to keep the TTL serial port on the Raspberry Pi free, plus you have more options to buy with a USB port. 

Different companies do the GPS differently.  A GPS based on the U-Blox chip set is usually defaulted to vehicle mode. But the U-Blox Windows software can configure it for airplane mode which is good for 50,000 meters. If I remember correctly there are three Aircraft modes. Use the one with the least dynamic movement, which is the closest to a balloon. 

The other advantage of a USB version is it is easier to configure with a Windows computer, just plug it in. 

I have seen a subroutine on the internet you can use to send the proper binary string to convert a U-Blox chipset to go to USB mode. But I have not tried it. It is written in C but could be easily converted to python for a Raspberry Pi TTL or USB.

I just bought a $12.30 USB GPS with the U-Blox 7020 chipset. I have not connected it to a Raspberry Pi yet, but hope to this week. 


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 pick up one from Anthony -

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I’m sure some of you are playing around with the Pi3. I’m wondering what would be the best GPS shield to use with it. Lets assume it will be flying so we need one that is good over 60k feet. I’m not sure I will be flying it, but just in case.

See everyone next week.

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