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Hardly an original idea though is it:

and not even a minor mention or credit.

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Chris emailed the results of the automated jewelry box I designed for him.


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Hi Paul, check this out. Thank you very much for the servos :-)

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Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2016 11:15:56 -0700
Subject: GPS Flight Computers
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I have three flight computers you might be interested in. The largest is designed to use GPS receivers right from the get go, without modification. Here's its link, You need to purchase a BASIC Stamp for this one, consequently, it's more expensive.

The second needs a slight modification to use a GPS. Here's its link,

The BalloonSat Mini Servo flight computer is similar to this one, The price should be about the same. 

Do you have a GPS receiver you could plug into the flight computer, or are you looking for one of those also? The GPS receiver I sell has a link here,

Let me know which seems to be the best for your purposes.

Dr. L. Paul Verhage
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