Cheap GPS units

AE5IB (Kip)

I found a company that sells cheap GPS units on line..

The bad thing is the long delivery times. He sends them by ground mail, so it can take 39 days to get to the U.S. So it is too late to order for the GPSL. 

I need some RS-232 versions for trackers, and some USB versions for UI_view and my ground systems.. The GPS should also work with the Raspberry Pi.

I sent him an email about high altitude versions. The U-Blox can be set from vehicle to airplane mode, but unless it has a serial memory, it loses it if there is a power glitch. I found code online that I can modify to work on the Raspberry Pi to set the U-Blox to Airplane mode.  However that does not work for normal trackers from Byonics or Argent Data Systems. 

I will let you know about the high altitude versions. I should get my order on Monday or Tuesday. (I will be in Shenzhen next week.) And I hope to hear today about the High Altitude versions.

Jason seems very cooperative. 


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