Re: WB8ELK Skytracker 5 flight now in the air on APRS

Mike Manes

Congrats, Bill! After it went LOS out of Nova Scotia, it crossed
the pond and is now over Italy!
73 de Mike W5VSI

On 2/27/16 17:25, wb8elk@... [GPSL] wrote:

My new PC boards arrived this week so I decided to try out the new board
with a flight test. This new board can be configured to do HF WSPR as
well and I may launch that one tomorrow or sometime later next week. My
project tonight is to build a 3 gram 20 meter HF dipole out of braided
fishing line and 34 gauge magnet wire.

The Skytracker 5 flight that I just launched today at sunset:

APRS on 144.390 and also 144.340 MHz FM: WB8ELK-6

It will switch to the European APRS frequency of 144.800 MHz if it makes
it across the pond which will take about 3 days to France if all goes well.

This one has both a LiPo battery as well as solar panels.

- Bill WB8ELK

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