Re: Fast HAB Imaging in the 868 MHz band

Bill Brown

You could also use the 1 Watt license-free 915 MHz 9XTend radios here in the US. They can give you high speed data downlinks. Either 9600 baud or 115.2k baud is possible with those radios.

- Bill WB8ELK

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 Hello All
Via the Southgate Amateur News Server...
Note, What is talked about in this post is done in the UK...
I don't know what if any FCC rules would cover this in the USA....
Allen Sklar, W7AS
Tempe AZ USA
Fast HAB Imaging in the 868 MHz band
These days much radio experiment work takes place in license-exempt bands which are free of some of the restrictions of the amateur radio license

In his blog Dave Akerman M0RPI writes about his experiments using high-speed data transfer in 868 MHz to download images from High Altitude Balloons.

By using the the 250 kHz bandwidth option on the readily available LoRa modules a data rate of around 17,000 bps might be achieved enabling a 1280×640 image to be downloaded in about 70 seconds.

Read the M0RPI blog post at

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