WB8ELK Skytracker 2 pico balloon now aloft from Alabama

Bill Brown

Flight test 2 of my new Skytracker Pico balloon APRS transmitter. Payload weight is 17 grams with 3 grams of free lift attached to a 36" diameter silver-colored mylar party balloon. Launch was at 1802 UTC from my front yard in Falkville, Alabama. It was a bit unnerving when it made a direct hit on the power line alongside the road (high surface winds) but it managed to work itself free after a minute attached to the line (whew).

Flight path will take it over central NC and then out to sea where it will probably take a Southerly curve towards Florida. This one will be making a Caribbean tour for the next few days if it floats.

APRS: 144.390 every minute callsign: WB8ELK-3
APRS: 144.340 every minute callsign: WB8ELK-3

27 milliwatts output on 2 meters.

Probably last until about 4:30 pm today and then will come back at sunrise if it manages to achieve float.

- Bill WB8ELK

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