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Don Pfister <ka0jlf@...>

Paul, if you check email, I'm on my way. I'll try to monitor this repeater in
Manhattan (147.255+) and call you on it. Knowing you and radio I will expect to
call you on your cell phone. ;-) I should see you at the designated spot around
9 a.m.

73 de Don in route.

Mark, I'll take my new repeater directory and see how the list checks out. I
hope to run mobile APRS.

Don Pfister wrote:

Will do.

Mark Conner wrote:

The MAARS web site and the majority of the Google references show
147.255+ as the repeater frequency.

Don and Paul can give us a coverage report tomorrow.

Thanks for researching the list. On your way east, can you try
out Herington 147.135+ (maybe 88.5 Hz tone)? If you can hit it
from I-70 it should be good for the chase.

- Mark

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Hello all;

I've put together a list of the repeaters along I-70 West of
Manhattan, KS.
I'm getting ready to program in the freqs to flip through on
the way out and
back. Thought it might be of some interest to others.

Question to our friends in Kansas, the 2000 ARRL repeater
directory shows
the Manhattan MAARS repeater to be 147.250 + and some of the
emails have
shown 147.255 +. What is the repeater freq?

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