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Bill Brown

Yep, that's KD4STH-8 and WB8ELK-11 along with the experiment from Ann Boes group. I can measure the line between my Iridium payload and Ann's experiment as well as the line length between the Iridium modem and my 2m FM voice beacon as well to estimate the balloon diameter. Fantastic photo !!!

I just got home as well but took a more leisurely trip home than Paul and Rachel did.

- Bill WB8ELK

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I'm not sure which one of Paul's ballon stacks this is -- I think either KD4STH-8 or -7.  It was taken from my Canon A1100 snap-shot camera ridding on KD4STH -9 train.  The altitude is about 52,800 feet per time stamps from APRS.FI and my camera's clock.  

You can see that the skin of the latex balloon is getting stretched thin, and just a few minutes away from bursting. The -9 train -- from which this shot was taken -- burst  just 11 minutes after this shot at 64,953 feet.  

Kind of fun to have a photo of another balloon taken at this altitude and so close to the bursting point!  Especially, as this launch mark's Paul's 150th flight.  The location is over St. Paul, MO.

Jeff Ducklow
Mayberry Galactic

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