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Bill Brown

I was also looking at Montgomery City since it also has a city park and a fairgrounds area that might be usable.

- Bill WB8ELK

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I hear the concerns about launching from the area around Moscow Mills on Saturday. So I ran some predictions and I feel a launch from Montgomery City would make a good compromise for these reasons.

The flight is predicted to be in the neighborhood of 35 miles due east, so it's easy to get ahead of the balloon and be in the recovery zone before landing.

That places the recovery zone near Moscow Mills where the free gas is being picked up by the gas company.

It avoids rivers regardless of your burst height.

It avoids Lambert Field.

I plan to arrive on Thursday, so I can help scout out a location in Montgomery City. We only need a school yard or park. So we should be able to find plenty of opportunities. Is anyone familiar with this town?

For us to move the launch site, we need to move hydrogen tanks. Fortunately, it's for a short drive and we can drive the the empty tanks back to school before the near spacecraft land or shortly after. Since this is free gas, we really want to use the gas Mike arranged for us (the tanks are are already waiting for us at the school). 

So the question is how can we move the tanks. My car will carry one tank in the back seat, and so should most sedans. If someone (or two) were driving a truck or SUV, they can move more tanks. We can also look into renting a U-Haul trailer like Mark suggested and moving the tanks in the trailer. But someone would need a trailer hitch.

All four of my near spacecraft will weigh less than 10 pounds, so I may only need 5 tanks for everyone sharing a flight with me. Sol even though 12 tanks of gas are reserved, we shouldn't need to carry all 12 to Montgomery City.   

So I'm willing to haul a tank for GPSL, who else can help? 

Thanks everyone

Dr. L. Paul Verhage
Near Space Evangelist

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