Potential launchsites and long range flight predicts

Bill Brown

I get a predicted landing zone between 7 miles to 20 miles almost due East (about 100 degrees heading) depending on the altitude reached. 7 miles downrange if reaching 110,000 feet and 20 miles downrange for 85,000 feet burst altitude. Of course, this is a long range prediction and usually not particularly accurate until about Weds but gives a good trend to look at.
I'd say that to launch from a point west of Hawk Point MO might be a good option as that may keep us out of the Class B airspace until over 60k feet. Also the landing zone will be Morris Mills which has a lot of farmland in the area. Going further west than Hawk Point will keep us even further out of the airspace and still provide some good landing areas away from the River. Launching from Morris Mills may cause some payloads to land just west of the River and some just East and some maybe directly in the river (been there, done that Ohio River style - a houseboat fished my payload out of the middle of the river).
With the impending track of the Tropical Storm possibly impacting the area around Thursday with heavy rains the area near the River may be flooded...something else to consider.
Launching from Ann Boes's location in Farmington MO is also a good way to keep out of restricted since an Easterly track will keep thing out of the MOA flight space to her West. However, there does seem to be a bit more rugged terrain in her area but there is also a fair amount of flat farmland but at least that would put us well outside the Lambert Field zone.
- Bill WB8ELK

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