Spaceship 2 NTSB update


I just wanted to share an update from the most recent NTSB media press conference. 
There is so much speculation in the Media and as close as I am to this incident I just can't believe how they take anything and run with it.   I have yet to find a media source that has demonstrated that they understand even 25% of the facts. 
Believe me it is hard not to have speculation on the event.   We have our own speculations here at TSC/VG, but still trying to remain neutral thru the investigation process.
It is a known fact here that the Feather system being unlocked prior to Mach 1.4 results in a potentially catastrophic condition for the launch vehicle.  We have modeled this Inadvertent feather deployment scenario as part of our safety analysis.  The pilot's know this and it is detailed in the POH.  However, this incident has demonstrated that part of the vehicle operation was not bulletproof.
I am encouraged by the fact that the NTSB is overwhelmed by the amount of video and telemetry data they have on the incident.  However, I can see where that may delay the final results of their investigation due to possibly having to review ALL of the available data from the flight test.
Ignore the media and stick to the facts follow the NTSB investigation details. 
Tim - KC8ZNJ
Timothy Cathcart
RM&S Engineer
Mojave, CA

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