Re: M0XER-4 Again

Leo Bodnar <leo@...>

Hi Hank,

There is a very good resource maintained here:

The data set includes live and backlog telemetry received via APRS and directly via UHF—ukhas style.

It takes a while to load and can be further adjusted by altering From and To dates to zero in on interesting periods.

The lowest altitude maintained for some period of time was 11800m (38,700ft)


On 15 Oct 2014, at 18:50, Hank Riley n1ltv@... [GPSL] wrote:

Could someone who might have been digging through the data chime in
with his lowest observed altitude? Either nighttime or daytime?

I've just looked at very little data in a casual way and remember
seeing it at 36K, and I don't know what time of day that was at the
balloon position.

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