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What is difficult about releasing a glider from the payload? As long as you cut it away before burst, gravity takes over looking after maintaining airspeed. Trust me, the glider will come down, it won't disappear into space. 

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The glider launch system. I think it's difficult to properly release a glider when the balloon is climbing at a thousand feet per minute straight up

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My senior HS physics/ARHAB class has 28 kids this year!  I am hurting for good and challenging experiments suited for high school students.  Past experiments have included

1.  Calculating speed of sound at high altitude with sonar system

2.  Estimating humidity using "poor mans" photometer

3.  Finding the Pfotzer max with Geiger counter

4.  Developing a DTMF decoder circuit

If you or your class have flown some interesting experiments let me know....They do pretty well with PicAxe development and learning simple programing such as data logger etc....

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