Herington airport will be the launch site

Mark Conner <n9xtn@...>

Spoke with Don and Paul this evening. Herington airport will
definitely be the launch site for Saturday.

Paul also wanted me to make sure everyone knows that you *will*
need a free one-day permit to park in the lot marked on Ralph's
web page. For those of you who haven't been on a college campus
in a while, be assured that they will very likely check for
permits. You can get one at the info kiosk after 8am on Friday.

For EOSS and ANSR: Please bring all your stuff! We should have
enough hands to get all 8 airborne, and should have enough
chasers to get everyone recovered. We should have plenty of fill
devices for the balloons, and we can launch in two groups if

Since we're not launching at the JNSC, Paul is looking at moving
the dinner earlier to 6pm. We'll probably have a final session
at the library to finalize our frequencies and payload manifests.

The PC at the library has PowerPoint on it, and the DVD-ROM in it
should read CDs. The VCR also switches through the LCD projector
as well as the PC. Nice comfy chairs, and tables at the back of
the room for exhibiting payloads if you want.

73 de Mark N9XTN

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