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Don Pfister <ka0jlf@...>

I just talked to Paul on the cell phones. Michael, Paul said the same thing I
did - there will be plenty of people to help, please bring your balloon and
launch with us. Michael, please don't put off launching because you are the only
one from your group. I know we can round up help for you. If you want a
navigator or driver to help you chase I'm sure we can handle that too.

Paul also said we will launch from Herington. He and I will take the helium
tanks there tomorrow and lock them in the hanger.

Mark, Paul tried to contact you but I forget what he wanted me to tell you. ;-)
Senior life is great! (I think it was the above)

Paul will check email tomorrow after we pickup (possibly) deliver the helium.

More to follow! ;-)

73 all de Don

Mark Conner wrote:

Received the following from ANSR:


Since I will be the only ANSR guy attending, I don't think I can
launch a balloon by myself. I will bring our Payload Computer
(cross band repeater/tracking system) and Micro Beacon in case we
want to fly them on another balloon train. I'll also have equipment
to track and recover if necessary. If nothing else, I can help with
the launch on Saturday morning.

Michael Gray, ANSR - kd7lmo


See - does any group have weight to spare and interested
in flying one of the ANSR payloads?

73 de Mark N9XTN

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